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Odors are called as sensory pollution and specific elements have strong offensive smells even in very minute density, giving people unpleasant feelings. Offensive odors have been recognized as sensory pollution giving metal or psychological damage rather than toxicity or maleficence of human body, or offensive odors have been recognized insignificant at mutual consideration level in until a few years ago.

Recently, sources of offensive odors as well as devices of handling offensive odors should be considered accordingly in order to observe more strict governmental regulations since establishment of Offensive odors Control Act on February 2005.

Surrounding areas of workplaces generating various harmful materials and offensive odors have become targets of various public grievances according to development of urban expansion and new residential complexes. DAEGA POWDER SYSTEMS CO., LTD has been taking charge of maintaining clean and sharing surrounding environments by maintaining pleasant workplaces and observing governmental regulations through managing sources of offensive odors, estimating and diagnosing problems and offensive odors processing plants.

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