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This system protects environment and workers inside of workplace and prevents any chances of civil application by collecting, transporting, purifying and discharging various particulates and offensive odors generated from various industrial processes in the workplace.

Hood is installed in a place of harmful materials generated to collect harmful materials before being suffused so that workers will not be exposed to these materials as less as possible. Hood should be designed adequately according to generated air flow rate, types, density and other properties of harmful materials, and also it should be designed according to appropriate collecting speed to have optimal collecting efficiency.

Collected harmful materials are transported to duct in appropriate transporting speed and discharged to air through external purification devices. The transporting speed and quality of the material inside of duct are calculated by considering types, density, abrasiveness and corrosiveness of harmful materials.

Headquarter and research center : 100-59 Onsu-Dong Guro-Gu Seoul, Korea /
The first plant : 100-59 Onsu-Dong Guro-Gu Seoul, Korea / TEL : 02) 2613-5257 / FAX : 02) 2616-5258 /
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