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Cyclone is an equipment of separating particles by accelerating rotating movement and applying the centrifugal force to by accelerating rotating movement on gases containing particles. It has secure removing efficiency, being used solely on dust with a large particle size, and it is utilized as preprocessing equipment with stable processing efficiency of high efficient collecting equipment for dust with minute particle size. Efficiency and pressure loss of Cyclone vary according to size and shape of particles to be processed and required air flow rate, and it can be designed as the high efficiency Cyclone in case that dust particles should be collected.


Characteristics Application
Easy to design and easy to maintain
Inexpensive installation cost
Can be operated in high density of particles being contained
Easy to discharge dust particles by using rotary valve
Can be operated in high temperature
Efficiency rate over 95 % in more than 10 um
Petro chemistry
Mineral / Wood / Grain / Feed
Pharmacy / Cosmetics / Food
Metal / Electricity / Electronics / Ceramics
Other workplaces generating dust particles
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