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Bag filter is an equipment of separating and collecting particles by passing gases containing particles into Filter, and this is the most widely used method among methods of separating dust particles.

Bag filter separates dust particles by gases containing particles being passed through many filter bags installed in a row. Bag filter is to make particles not being able to pass through gaps of filter, and weaves of fiber block passage of particles in order to process particles.

When particles with a certain size block gaps on filtering material, gaps between weaves of fiber, which is the filter, become smaller, and processing minute dusts becomes impossible. Therefore, a method of shaking off filter occasionally should be taken in order to increase processing efficiency of discharge gas containing particles.

Characteristics Application
High efficient collecting ratio over 99%
Maintaining low pressure loss with air pulsing method
Can be operated in high density of particles being contained
Easy to discharge dust particles by using rotary valve
Extended durability of filter due to optimal designing
Compact area for installation with high filtering speed
Petro chemistry
Mineral / wood / Grain / Feed
Pharmacy / Cosmetics / Food
Metal / Electricity / Electronics / Ceramics
Other workplaces generating dust particles
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