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As a device of eliminating organic gases and odors by absorbing and sucking in organic gases and odors with mechanical and chemical methods, activated carbon tower eliminates gases with its strong adsorption power?by free bonding of atoms on the surface of solids composed of molecular layers and chemical bonding of only gases. A theory of harmful gas being attached on the surface of adsorbent?is used on this device, and fatty acid class, mercaptan class, phenol class, hydrocarbon class(aliphatic and aromatic), organochlorine compound, alcohol class(except methanol), ketone class, aldehyde class(except formaldehyde) and ester class can be removed effectively with activated charcoal. Hydrogen sulfide, sulfurous acid gas, chlorine, formaldehyde and amine class can be removed somewhat, and ammonia, methanol, methane and ethane can’t be removed practically. Activated Carbon Tower is widely used for removing low-density mixed offensive odors. For examples, this has been supplied in many fields such as offensive odors generated from buildings, hospitals and food processing procedures, excretions, sewages and refuse disposal and chemical production. Advantages of activated Carbon Tower are its low installation cost and its operating expense is only composed of electricity cost for ventilation and replacement of activated charcoal.

Characteristics Application
Inexpensive investment for equipments
Inexpensive operation and maintenance cost
No waste water generation
Less pressure loss
Paint booths
Petro chemistry plants
Coating plants
Printing plants
Food production plants
Feed plants
Food waste processing plants
Various facilities generating offensive odors
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