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In the bio-trickling filter, waste gas is passed through a packed column where Liquid is continuously recirculated the packing.

For bio-trickling filter, microbes fixed to an inert packing material and suspended microbes in the water phase degrade the absorbed contaminants as they pass through the reactor.

Various filter media have been developed for bio-filtration, mainly at lab and pilot test. For optimum filter media’s application, it depends on the characteristics, concentrations and additional conditions of the waste gas.
Biomass is accumulating rapidly, it means the microorganisms are healthy And treatment is rapid. But it also means that the filter media may soon be Clogged to prevent a clogging of filter media.
Contaminants Microorganisms References
Benaene, Toluene Pseudomonas Putida Phanerochaete chrysoporium Braun-Lullemann,et al. (1997) Ergas et al. (1995)
Styrene Exophiala jeans elmei Phanerochaete chrysoporium Arnold et al. (1998)
Acetone, lsopropanol Rhodococcus sp., Corynebacteruum sp. Corynebacterium sp. Kirchner et al. (1987)
Methanol, Ethanol Mixed culture, Candida guilliermondii Kirchner et al.(1997), Cox et al. (2001)
Ammonia Alcaligenes, Pseudomonas, Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter Stepanov and Korepela et al. (1997) Kim et al. (2000)
Hydrogen sulfide Thiobacillus sp., Chlorobium limicola, Xanthomonas sp. Cho et al. (1992), Jensen and Webbet al.(1995)
Dimethyl sulfide Hyphomicrobium sp. Smet et al.(1997)
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