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Institute of powder technology of DAEGA POWDER SYSTEMS CO., LTD is the largest powder test center retaining 30 kinds of pilot test equipments in the country. Since its establishment in September 1st 1996, our research center has been conducting researches of powder’s properties in order to enabling our customers to produce be able to higher value-added products, and also our research center has been winning their confidences by supplying more objective data to customers through various powder analyzing devices.
Our research center has been ministering to assure domestic and international competitive power by understanding and analyzing
demands of customers, improving qualities of previous products and developing new products, and you can expect to receive Full service (Pilot test, designing, production, installation, operation, post management) of powder-related devices with 40 years’ know-how.

All our researchers will dash forward on 24 hours’ research development continuously so that our research center could be not only the leader in domestic powder machine industry but also proud powder technology research center of Korea having competitive power in the world.

  Analyzing devices
Particle size analyzer - 2 units (Malvern, Matec)
Moisture analyzer
Dry oven
Micro scope
THC measuring device (FID) / Gas analyzer
pH measuring device / Electric conductivity measuring device / DO measuring device / NH4+ measuring device
Precise electron scale / ultrasound measuring device / Magnetic stirrer / Tube pump
UV lamp / Ultrasound Disperser
Air flow rate and wind velocity measuring device / Pressure measuring device / Thickness measuring device / Revolving screen measuring device
Other analyzing devices for properties of powder
Headquarter and research center : 100-59 Onsu-Dong Guro-Gu Seoul, Korea /
The first plant : 100-59 Onsu-Dong Guro-Gu Seoul, Korea / TEL : 02) 2613-5257 / FAX : 02) 2616-5258 /
Pusan branch office : 34-12 Chungmu-Dong 1-Ga Seo-Gu Pusan, Korea /
Dangjin plant : 28-61 Bugokgongdan 4(sa)-gil, Songak-eup Dangjin, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea